Software development

We specialise in the design, development, support & hosting of interactive, business level web applications, bespoke application development and intranet systems that provide you with "Cloud" based Applications and Solutions, integrating with payment gateways and other 3rd party systems and Gamification Mechanics.

Traditional Software platforms are being replaced by “Cloud” based “Software as a Service” applications accessed through a web browser, which offer much more control over the environment they encompass. Using this method means less IT resources are required to deploy, maintain and support the application.

There is also the fact that users feel happier and need less training when using the familiar browser environment to use the application.

Being able to access your business systems whilst on the road is now common practice, and being able to update the information remotely is a must for a dynamic organisation to keep on top of their operations. We have developed web based applications that can be accessed and updated through smart phone, iphone, ipad and other handheld devices.



HMRC Integrators
we are recognised by HMRC as a software development partner and have designed and developed Tax and VAT submissions systems.
designing and developing software that wraps around your business.
3rd party services
we can integrate with Payment Gates, Txt Services or any other cloud service that enhances your business.
give your software your look and feel and promote your corporate image.
we'll design & develop 'Cloud' based software that extends your business through a subscription model.
software designed to work across multiple devices and platforms.
We are proud to be recognised as a What's Right co-founder and Trusted Partner, blending business with charity and social responsibility.

Kbase (trading as Kbase Connect Ltd), Bristol & Bath Science Park, Emersons Green, Bristol, BS16 7FR, tel 0845 2968410.

Registered in England & Wales, Company No 03996601 VAT No 793818478

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