Policy Central as Evidence of Understanding

Managing policy changes in business can be a difficult and complex process, consider these 4 key points.

Policy Central as Evidence of Understanding

Managing policy changes in business can be a difficult and complex process. It should be done in a systematic and organised manner to ensure that the changes are implemented effectively and efficiently. There are 4 points that need to be kept in mind when managing policies and other business critical documents.

  1. Establish a clear, consistent process for reviewing and implementing policy changes.
  2. Develop a system for tracking policy changes, including information on when the policy was changed and who was involved in the review process.
  3. Once the policy change has been reviewed and approved, create a plan to communicate the changes to all relevant stakeholders. This should include a timeline for when the change will be implemented.
  4. Monitor and Evaluate Policy Changes: Regularly review the policy to ensure that it is still meeting the organisation’s needs and is being followed correctly.

If this is to be planned and implemented manually then it will absorb a lot of hours, and still leaves the potential for uncertainty. The key question is:

How do you know that changes in policies and procedures are being read, understood, and acted upon?

To ensure that changes in policies and procedures are being read and actioned by your team, it is important to have a system of feedback in place. Implementing specific training and programs on the new policies and procedures can be beneficial in helping to ensure that staff are understanding and following the changes. This can include surveys, interviews, and other forms of communication to check understanding from employees about the new policies and procedures.

How can this be done without using up unreasonable amounts of time?

Policy Central offers a cloud-based solution that can securely manage your business-critical policies and handbooks with tools that allow you to easily meet compliance and governance requirements. By providing the clear evidence of understanding you need to give you confidence that your team are implementing changes in polices and procedures, Policy Central acts as the “single source of truth” in your business.

With remote working becoming the norm in many businesses, making sure that everyone is working to the same set of policies, technical documents requires a different approach to controlling documents. Using Policy Central to automate the evidence gathering process, and with the use of digital signatures to confirm acceptance of key documents it becomes simple to track and monitor the flow of information to remote staff.

Policy Central’s unique combination of features allow you to create, publish, monitor compliance, and promote core understanding across all departments and throughout your supply chain. To request a free "use case" review today please get in touch or call 08452968 410.

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